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Patient Leaflets

Emergency Department

Bladder and Bowel Service

Controlling your Child's Temperature

11084- Welcome to Ward 4

16025- Total Contract Casting

16027- Dressing Aids

16029- Biopsy Procedure in Ultrasound Department

16031- Bronchoscopy

Acute Back Pain

Autism Pathway

Bedwetting in Children and Young People

Blood Tests for Children


Cardiac Rehabilitation - Alcohol

Cardiac Rehabilitation - Chair-Based Cardiac Rehabilitation Programme

Cardiac Rehabilitation - Now that you are out of hospital

Cardiac Rehabilitation - Phase 3 Home Based Programme

Cardiac Rehabilitation - Phase 3 Leisure Centre Programme

Cardiac Rehabilitation - Phase 3 Leisure Centre Sessions & Physical Activity Information

Cardiac Rehabilitation - Questions and Answers

Cardiac Rehabilitation - Trust Book

Child Sedation

Children CT Scan

Children's community nursing team

Critical Care Transfers


Daytime Bladder Issues in Children


Discharge from the Children's Ward

Discharge from the Paediatric Observation and Assessment Unit (POBS)

Do Not Attempt Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Do Not Attempt Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation LARGE PRINT

Febrile Convulsions

Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux

Gastroenteritis in children

General Anaesthetic for Children

Gonadotrophin-Releasing Hormone Test

Heart Murmurs in New-Born Babies

Henoch Schonlein (HSP) information for children

Henoch Schonlein (HSP) information for parents

Hydrogen Breath Test

ICU relatives leaflet

Inflammatory Bowel Disease Service Leaflet

Medical Assessment Unit (MAU)

Mesenteric Adenitis

Minor oral surgery advice for children

MRI for Children

Non-Invasive Ventilation (NIV)

Nose Injury

Paediatric Bladder and Bowel Service - products

Patient Initiated Follow Up (PIFU) Plan

PICC Information for patients who require intravenous therapy

Plaster of Paris for Children

Pre-school Development Clinic

Pyloric Stenosis

Same Day Emergency Care (SDEC) Unit


Ultrasound for Children

Unusual Fractures, Bruises and Accidents

Viral Illnesses in Children

Viral Rash

Visiting Patients at End of Life

Welcome to the Children's Ward


X-Ray for Children

You Have Been Referred to Social Care

Your Child Has Been Referred to Social Care